Basic WuJi Gong Class - Learn The Form in Singapore
December 9th & 10th 2010  6.30pm to 9.30pm with Andrew Fretwell

A simple to learn very POWERFUL rare 800 year old  living form of Qi Gong
Learn the form easily in the basic class! (100% Guaranteed)  Why spend months learning when this has it all?  Free Videos online

Calms the Mind
Improves your Posture
Sleep Deeply - Wake Refreshed
Only takes 15 minutes to Practice
Ideal for very busy stressed people
Secretly practiced for 800 years by Qi masters
Ideal for people who find difficulty feeling the Chi/Qi

In Singapore - December 11th & 12th 2010 with Andrew Fretwell

From a certain point of view aging happens because the fire and water energies inside our body separate over time.  The fire YANG ENERGY rises and the water YIN ENERGY descends

A very simple way of saying this is the rising heat the fire energy make the mind overactive and causes excessive thinking.  In the same way our sexual vitality, the water energy drains out downward over time. For men through excessive ejaculation and for women from menstruation and childbirth.

It makes sense that if you can find a way to reverse this then you can slow and even reverse the aging process. This has been developed in secret for thousands of years by Taoist Masters and the process is called Kan and Li.

By reversing these energies you release a healing steam that can heal and rejuvenate you. Please note to take the advanced class you must have taken a basic class with Andrew Fretwell or another certified teacher.

What you will learn.................

* Fuse and harmonize our inner soul family
* Learn Kan and Li Meditation inside the form
* Learn Fusion of the 5 Elements inside the form
* Fusing the 5 Jing/Shen  with the 5 Sacred Directions
* Opening the 5 Internal Thrusting Channels during WuJi Gong
* Utilizing the pure energy of the 5 directions to heal our physical organs

Contact: Kheng Chua +65 6258-5031 
Web Site:

Private Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) sessions with Andrew Fretwell
also available December 9th - 14th in Singapore

Andrew Fretwell founder of the Art & Essence School of Chi Nei Tsang is considered one of the most outstanding practitioners in the world today of this amazing art. His treatments are amazingly deep & gentle but very powerful in their effect. Take this rare opportunity to be  massaged by Andrew he only visits  Singapore once a year.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a gentle but powerful massage applied to the abdominal area where tension and negative emotions can accumulate and congest.

Students get more in touch with themselves, their breathing and any deeply held emotional charges stored in the internal organs and fascia.

Treatments are always powerful and life transforming.  Andrew is known for his ability to root spirit deeper in the body and to be able to communicate cleary and simply what is going on in the body of the person he is treating.